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How A Catalog Can Do More Than List Your Products

Catalogs have changed. They are no longer boring lists of products. They are quite convincing promotional material that holds customer attention longer than promotional websites. Marketers are busy bombarding digital ads on unsuspecting consumers. Catalogs are handing over the control back to customers. In its rise from the ashes, catalogs are displaying a vibrant personality and inspiring strong emotions in your target audience. 

What does a catalog do besides listing products?

We give you 10 actions that a well-designed catalog does to increase your sales quotient:

1. Narrates the story of your brand

Build a deeper connection with your buyers through your stories. Informational catalogs tell readers about the amazing journey your brand has embarked on.  You could be focusing on a particular theme and include related services in it. It is a brand-specific magazine that showcases your best moments, your innovations, and your unwavering commitment to deliver the best. 

2. Raises response rate

When you mail or give away this content, customers actually make time to read it. Experts suggest that shoppers first look up products in printed catalogs before looking them up online. Not only that, they often connect with a brand for various troubleshooting requests as well. All through a catalog. It acts as an immediate link between your brand and its consumers. Simple or over-the-top, catalogs create brand loyalists. 

The layout of your catalog matters as much as the texts and images. Get the highest print-quality possible for your communication to stand out. 

3.  Increases customer engagement

Get help from experienced graphics artists to create arresting designs. You can conform to industry standards or put on your eccentric best in a catalog that grabs eyeballs. When someone has a physical copy of your content, they are able to focus on the details. There are a lot of distractions on the web with uncountable pages vying for their likes, shares or retweets. A print catalog does not rush them through. They increase focus on your unique products. 

4. Makes marketing measurable

Companies often waste resources on things that do not give quality returns. Many channels cannot be assessed at all. Print catalogs, on the other hand, are useful tools. They can be measured and their returns compared with other promotional methods. 

Many brands are resorting to printing unique codes to help customers enjoy price cuts when they redeem them online.  In the same vein, QR codes are making a comeback. They lead customers directly to the target page on websites. When they contact through phone numbers or emails printed on catalogs, you can count your leads against investment. 

5. They make customers more confident about the brand

Catalogs have been around since the early days of marketing. They reflect class and stability. A print catalog is a testament to their enduring popularity. It is an assurance of quality products and services. It’s the little ‘wow‘ factor that makes customers feel surer of the brand. Hence, more lead generation and higher sales.

6. They are easy to use and influence the buying decision

Paper catalogs are completely self-paced. They have all the information neatly laid out in one place. Customers can easily access this information at leisure. They appeal to audiences of all ages. When other businesses deliberate a buying choice, they rely more on a catalog at hand, rather than a hundred online ads.  Make sure to apply the hottest design trends. Ask your designer about color palettes, paper thickness and shines to really make your catalog unputdownable. 

7. They improve chances of cross-selling

When you give away a print catalog, you give away a snapshot of your inventory. Even if you are focusing on increasing sales of a particular product, the chances of cross-selling are still pretty high. Your target audience may be tempted to try additional things on offer. That’s double the fun. 

There’s more. Sometimes customers don’t hesitate to put their money on pricier stuff visible in the list. So, you’re not just making profits off of what you intended to sell but also what you forgot. That’s up-selling to brighten your day. Keeps the cash register ringing. 

8. They help compare different products

Your target audience is most likely on the radar of your trade rival. Customers will compare specs and prices. Experts suggest that these comparisons are mostly undertaken offline. In many cases, customers prefer printing out comparison tables and consulting with friends and fellow consumers before making a buying decision. You can step in there with a printed copy and save them the agony of glossing through online charts and tables incessantly.  

9. They are cost-effective

So you think printing catalogs will overwhelm your marketing investment? Not if you apply the right strategy. Marketers today do not make uncountable copies of collaterals. Instead, they refer to a mailing list. Customers who show more than a passing interest and who have responded positively through online forms, links or texts are usually the targets of your catalog. In addition, some people request them in their inboxes. You only need to send it to them. Hence, you can control the number of copies you print and distribute. 

Before you do it, you will need to find a printing service that provides high-quality prints at attractive prices. 

10. They increase brand visibility

Catalogs change hands. In this, they are like promotional goods that keep on circulating. Your buyers are highly likely to pass on your catalog to friends and family. The circle just keeps expanding. Make sure you make the most of it by designing something that’s both aesthetic and useful. Digital or offset, there is no end to the variation you can achieve. You are spoilt for choice in terms of fonts and shines, or add-ons like engraved designs. Choose your layout and dictate terms of delivery.  Catalogs are going places and you wouldn’t want to miss the boat. 

For more details on how catalogs can help maximize your marketing campaigns, feel free to connect with us. Our commercial print and copy services are spearheaded by industry experts. Custom designed and time bound, our services take care of all your print production needs.