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10 Best Print Marketing Materials to Increase Sales

Print marketing materials trigger a marketing cycle in which your customers emerge as your marketers. It is frequently used by businesses to showcase their products, announce new arrivals, and offer tempting discounts.

So what are the top 10 print marketing materials that drive sales? Here’s the list:

1. Promotional Merchandise

One of the most widely visible marketing collateral, promotional merchandise creates a positive buzz around your business. Freebies like stickers, fridge magnets, or key chains never fail to attract your target customer. Some brands will walk all the way to graphically printed t-shirts and cloth bags.

Brands will often give them away at expos to build a quick connection. Armed with the brand name or logo and a contact number, promotional goods are carried around. They deepen your reach and increase your sales.

2. Business cards

Another sure-fire way to market your brand is through a business card. An eye-catching card complete with relevant details is a subtle call to action. They often display the same color, font, and organization of other marketing collaterals of the company. Sharing your card with clients and customers builds trust.

Professional designs and first-rate prints reflect on your product quality. The cards make regular appearances in conferences and client meetings.

There are thousands of business card templates to choose from. You can also hire graphic designing and printing services to take care of the entire process.

3. Presentation Folders

This one is useful for both your brand and its consumers. When you hand over marketing material in a presentation folder, it tells them you take your image seriously. Besides, they can use it to store or carry their own items. It’s like an ever-expanding spiral of promotions.

Business houses often seek to print product images, features, and contacts on the folder to help customers remember them and get back in touch.

As a print marketing material, these folders are printed on different types of paper with varying degrees of matte or shine filters. Brands usually go for custom designs to further their unique identity.

4. Invitations

Send personalized invitations to your loyal customers. Nothing is more personal than a custom-built invitation. A printed invite shows how much you value your clients and customers alike and want to engage with them. It is a popular marketing strategy to send out printed invitation cards to a select list of customers to make them feel special. This often translates into higher sales. Mail them before conferences, presentations, or brand birthdays.

Here again, the look and feel of the invite is an important factor. Lettering, layout, paper thickness, and finishes cannot be ignored.

5. Banners and Posters

Few customers can resist the enduring appeal of posters. They scream your message from strategic locations and magnify your offerings. Banners are excellent choices for announcing product launches or events around them. They not only upscale a dull storefront but also bring more traffic to the store.

They are usually printed with just a few lines of information so it’s easier to remember and recall. For instance, a phone number or a discount code. Bold and loud and yielded in all shapes and sizes, banners get your customer’s undivided attention.

6. Holiday Cards

Send printed holiday cards for a closer relationship with your target audience. Holidays and festivals are the perfect time to draw them in with seasonal offers and launches. It tells your customers you remember them and have reached out with your good wishes.

Get your holiday cards printed with the colors of the season – Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year and build lasting ties with your base. Print as many as you want and get them delivered just in time for the 4th of July.

Custom messages printed under their name on each individualized card weaves festive magic like few other things. Mix colors, images, texts, backgrounds, paper and finish in an infinite number of combinations and let a sincere invite do the marketing for you.

7. Office stationery including letterheads and envelopes

Letterheads add authenticity to your brand communication. Whether you are marketing to another business or customers, printing your message on a custom letterhead is an unbeatable professional etiquette. It works well to bring in more profits since your audience has all the necessary information in one place – your contact, location, hours, and everything about the product or service.

Similarly, brand-specific envelops create a strong impression. It secures the document or cards placed within and can be reused by customers. Printing services can help you select the right paper thickness for sturdy envelopes.

8. Catalogs

Another long-standing marketing material is a catalog. A printed list of all your products and services attractively displayed is a popular type of advertisement. Digital printing is affordable, trendy, and boasts of a growing community of designers. With an expert team of printers, you cannot go wrong. Whether you sell books or cupcakes, a catalog may stand out as a bite-sized impression of your entire business.

9. Trade show signs

Reach out to a wide audience with trade show signs. Make exclusive signs to place near you at trade fairs where all the action happens. To draw in the customer, you can create an exciting marketing maze by placing your signs at different locations like the entrance or alleys.

The right designer can help you create a one-of-a-kind sign to signal your exclusivity.

10. Calendars

It could be a single page planner or a multiple page, table-top addition. Printed calendars are a kind of reaffirmation of your commitment to serve. Sending calendars over to your connections fulfills the purpose of branding well. It is something your client will use every day.

When your name, logo, and address are printed on custom calendars, your clients look at those every day as well. They may pass it along to friends and family, multiplying your reach.

Where to get them

Print marketing materials are best obtained from experts in the design and print industry. Get in touch with us for your next print marketing project, whether offset or digital. Our design experts will help you build an exclusive line of printed promotional material at competitive prices and with an assurance of quality.